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What is Lipodissolve®?

Lipodissolve is a series of micro-injections developed to dissolve fat deposits of the body. Lipodissolve was originally discovered in Italy in the early 1980’s and modified and improved in Europe in 2002 as a more effective treatment option for localized fat reduction.

How do I know if Lipodissolve® is right for me?

Lipodissolve may be a suitable therapy for you if you have small areas of fat deposits that need reduction, or you are unable or unwilling to undergo surgery.

What happens during Lipodissolve®?

Lipodissolve micro-injections target the fat deposits. When injections are done to the fat area you wish to have reduced the medications in the injections initiate the fat to gradually loosen, liquefy and finally dissolve and eliminate through the natural process.

Will the fat return after Lipodissolve® treatment?

The fat will return if you gain more weight in the future, but observations in Lipodissolve have shown that the fat often stay off quite well in the treated area even after some overall weight gain.

Which part of the body can be treated with Lipodissolve®?

Lipodissolve can be used to address fat deposits of:

  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Upper arms
  • Upper abdomen
  • Lower abdomen
  • Love handles
  • Back (Bra Bulge)
  • Knees and legs

Some areas of use may require surgeon use to ascertain safety. Lipodissolve is sometimes used by plastic surgeons to mobilize fat during liposuction, or after liposuction to correct surgical deformities such as increased cellulite from liposuction of thighs, dog ears and ‘ripple’ effect from surgery.

Is Lipodissolve® supported by research?

Yes, Lipodissolve is supported by clinical studies and monitoring of effects in Europe and the USA . Your doctor can provide you the details of these studies on request.

Is Lipodissolve® safe?

Lipodissolve has shown a very promising safety report and compared with many popular cosmetic procedures, it can be viewed as very safe. Lipodissolve still lack clinical data to confirm long-term safety and if allergies against the medications occur, or the procedure is used wrong, patients can have adverse reactions.

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